Thanksgiving 2017

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As we approach Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, the long-lost-and-forgotten holiday by every retailer in the known universe.  There is CHRISTMAS stuff everywhere since a few weeks ago.  But where is the THANKSGIVING stuff?  Just not a popular retail holiday apparently.  Worry not, I have a few things you might want to craft, spruce up, wear or add to your turkey display. Click on the images to be linked to the items….



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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Vintage Barbies, Vintage Religious Print, Vintage Doll Hamper”

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I know, I know, I know, I’ve been off the grid for awhile.  Up here in Northern California we’ve been dealing with the wildfires and I’ve had friends and family affected.  And as my inventory continues to stay at a very high level and the garage sales diminish, my posts have suffered the consequence.  If I had a massive storage unit or a large store, I could keep up at my regular pace.  But my recent goal is to try to thin out what I have during the coming holiday season.  Even though, gosh darn it, I do love what I do and I’m pretty good at it.  So this weekend, when there were two sales I knew I had to give a shot, there were a couple of others in the interim. As I walked out of the senior center flea market with a large shopping bag and the lady in the stall next to the door said, “Well, it looks like you found some treasures,” I had to reply, “I feel like Santa.”  (large bag thrown over my shoulder, you get my drift).

I started at my furthest point and found nothing.  Retreating, I picked up the two Pyrex bowls and the Spode Teapot and Cup, all for $5.

Moving on to the first of my appointed rounds, a repeat sale where I have bought plenty in the past, I made several rounds, first picking up the vintage doll hamper for $2.50 that matches a set I had as a child.  Moving on I found the Mexican tin candle holder for $2, the three purses at $2 each, the box of vintage recipes for $2, and that was it after several walk-arounds.  The poor older ladies were searching for their calculator as I added everything up in my head, verbally repeating, and giving them exact change after which they wanted to hire me for the sale.

On to the next appointed round, the senior center flea market.  I was actually early (I’m never early to this one). So I had to stand in line, of all things.  But nevermind, I began my rounds.  I started with the Lladro book for a buck just for my personal reference.  Then I found a great toy table.  I picked up the cowboy toys and the two Barbie Corvettes at $1 each.  Then the Gymboree Turtle Purse and small pink Barbie case at 50¢ each.  And a piece of cute dog fabric for $2.

Circling around, I found two vintage Barbie cases on the ground, two barbies in each, for $5 each case with Barbies.  I handed the lady a $10 bill.  Circling around once again, I spotted the religious print at $10 and the Smurfette for 50¢.  I also saw the most amazing vintage nightstand with multiple different woods and great knobs for $5!  I wanted to buy it.  The top needed work.  But…. I just can’t have these bigger pieces sitting around my house.  If I had a store….  but, anyway, it was super awesome and I’m still thinking about it.

$46 spent.  Potential $500 gain.

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Holiday Fabric for Holiday Crafts

I know the time for this type of fabric, unless you’re a Super Seamstress, may have passed:

But there is still time to make something with this:


Or this:

Head on over to my shop on Etsy if any of these are right for your next project!


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Halloween 2017 from MissBargainHuntress

Now is the time to order your Halloween Decorations, Fabric, Gifts, Stickers, Barbies, Cookie Cutters, etc.! Click on the images to be linked to my pages for ordering!

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Find My Finds: Amazon ~ Etsy ~ Bonanza ~ Ecrater ~ Poshmark


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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Kay Guitar, Coach Wristlet, Vintage Action Figures”

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This photo looks like a Goodwill run.  I had THREE lists of sales.  Two neighborhood sales on two pieces of printer paper.  Approximately 30 sales on each page.  I started at the wealthier neighborhood because they “said” they were starting at 8:00.  No one was open.  And the few that were had extremely high prices.  I almost bought an antique doll buggy for $20… but I already have a few so where was I going to put it?  After several drive-by’s, I decided to chuck it and head to the other neighborhood sale where I have had more luck in the past and I expected the prices to be cheaper.  No luck there also.  The only things I found were the four vintage action figures all for a buck and the pretty cool Kay Guitar for all of $3.  So I chucked that list, too.

And moved back into town to the people who really wanted/needed to have a garage sale.  Though by that time I had already wasted and hour and a half on the other sales.  So pickings were slim.  I first picked up the McDonald’s Madame Alexander dolls for 50¢ each (never can pass those up).  Moving on I got the really cool Kooba Claudia Leather Studded bag for $10.  Then the Coach Wristlet for $5 and the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern that reminds me of the stuff I used to tape in the window as a kid, for a quarter.  And finally a full ream of gold ribbon for a quarter.  Disheartening.


Maybe it’s because I’ve begun a massive clean-out of my house that I just wasn’t inspired to buy a lot.  But then again, if there was stuff worth buying, I would have bought it.  Or maybe it just had to be at the right price.  Or maybe it’s the end of the season and everyone just drug out their dregs to be a part of the sales.  I was so sure I would have a great day with all of those sales on three lists.  Even with my vast experience, you never can tell. At least I saved a lot of money.  $20.50 spent.  Potential $200 gain.

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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Tory Burch Heels, Le Creuset Baking Dish & A Stack of Comic Books”

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I know I said before that it seemed that the season was dwindling down, thus the lack of posts on my part.  But this weekend was a huge exception.  I could have been out all morning if not all day. There was a huge neighborhood sale, but I chose to start at all of the little guys along the way, hoping that everyone would be at the neighborhood sales and miss out on the good stuff at the 20 other sales in town.  But that actually meant that I would miss out on all of the stuff at the neighborhood sales – but we’ll just pretend they didn’t really have much to begin with, right?

At my first stop I found nothing.  At my second I picked up some nice hangers, a bag of stickers and a little box of little books.  And at the next I picked up the two boxes of glasses, one full of Garfield and various other Christmas glasses and the other full of Flintstones and Batman, both for $12.


Moving on, I lucked upon one of the regulars having a sale where I loaded up three bags full.  I bought an entire lot of Madame Alexander Figurines at a dollar a piece, Free People Shorts, Tory Burch Green Heels, Emporio Armani Boots, Naot Mary Janes, L.K. Bennett Sneakers, Laura Bellariva Loafers, a Hobo International Pink Clutch, Fossil Key-Per, Banana Republic Hobo, Le Creuset pan, Polish Boleslawiec Pottery bowl and covered jar, Halloween Raggedy Ann and Andy, Ed Grimley Talking Doll, Brighton and Kate Spade Sunglasses, Japanese Asuna figure, Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz figure, Autumn Fairy Figurine, Goebel Mary bust, and possibly more stuff that I can’t even remember… $70 spent.

Down the street I picked up some more stickers and some Reindeer place card holders all for $7.  Then regretting a long trip to the top of the hill, I found the stack of comic books for $2 and the Micro Machines Star Wars X Fighter and the pack of X-Men playing cards, both for $1.

Moving on to another sale way down a long road, I was going to see what she had advertised in Coach bags. The one there had a zipper issue, but I did pick up the super cute black leather floral bag which I almost want to keep, for $5.

It was finally time to attempt the massive neighborhood sale and I started by picking up a map at one of the corner kiosks.  The list had 28 sales and so I began.  But because I was late, I wasn’t finding much.  At one I came across the Rubber Cookie Monster and the plastic Pinocchio, both for $1.  At another I found the beer stein for $5 and the Lladro girl for $15.  One final one, I picked up the Alice in Wonderland White Rabbits, the Dakin Rabbit with a Pink Heart and two Holt Howard Christmas Angels from 1961.  The lady misheard and only charged me $1.50 for all.

A long morning, I spent $119.50, quite a bit.  Potential gain: $2,100.00.

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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Shiny Brite Mother Lode, Anthropologie Necklace, Helly Hanson & North Face Jackets”

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The season appears to be dwindling down as kids are back to school and we all look upon the impending autumn with a sense of sadness.  Well, maybe that’s just me.  Though I may be back to the thrift store route sooner than later.  This weekend only held a handful of sales.  The first was a “block” sale of all of three sales. Which would have been disappointing except that it was at two of those three sales where I bought everything but the Anthropologie necklace.

At the first I found the Manas Shoes, the laptop bag, the Madame Alexander doll, The Sak black leather purse, the Steve Madden Wallet, the white Fossil Crossbody pouch, the blue North Face quilted jacket, the Helly Hanson black jacket, the Spirit of 1776 engine and the vintage tin tray table.  Grand total: $15.


And I circled back around to see what I had missed and luckily walked all the way to the back of the driveway to fine the massive box of vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments.  $10 for the whole box.

And stopping at the next sale a bit early, they tried to shoo me away, but let me look anyway.  They had owned what must have been a pretty fancy store considering the leftover inventory they were selling with prices to match.  I only picked up the Anthropologie necklace that I thought was pretty, even for $5.

So I was done quite early.  Good enough, I had to go back home and deal with some impending autumn cleaning.  $30 spent.  Potential $825 gain.

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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Coach Shoes & Bags, Frye Boots & Nanoblocks”

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At my first stop I picked up the Coach Addisyn Signature Wooden Sandals, the silver Tignanello Perfect 10 Satchel, The Junior Drake Black Leather Bag, the DKNY Kisslock and the tiny tan Tignanello Crossbody all for $12.  Next door I picked up the Odille Black lace skirt, the lace top, the Frye Cowboy Boots and the Sofft Brown Mary Janes all for $10.

Hitting a block sale of all of 3 houses, I found the large Vera Bradley Indigo Pop Blue Duffel Bag for $2.

Heading across town, a friend was unexpectedly having a sale, and I picked up a bag of Mighty Beanz and some Lego and Nanoblock sets for a buck each. (Who knew Nanoblocks were so expensive?)  A neighbor decided to join in and I grabbed a Coach Hamptons Tan Satchel for $5.

Even further across town I found a small Coach Poppy Pink Purse for $3.

At one last sale I picked up the Vera Bradley Safari Sunset Cosmetic case new with tag for 50¢ and a new, shrink-wrapped Rummikub game for $2.

That was all for the day.  $34.50 spent.  Potential $800 gain.

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Church Rummage Sale Part 2: “One Hundred Forty Action Figures”

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There were bags and bags of these things.  But they were scattered about in different bins.  And I was battling some other lady to find the best bags.  And then as I walked around I saw a couple of young guys at various times with their bags of action figures.  And I started to feel a pang of regret that I didn’t search for more or wasn’t there early enough.  And then I came around the back door and saw a huge bin full of them.  I just started piling them up on my personal bag.  I thought to myself it would have to be worth it.  I was able to identify several as vintage and as ones that I had sold before.  None looked particularly new even though with the lighting I was hard-pressed to see the dates on the insides of the legs or the bottoms of the feet.  My gut was just telling me “BUY THEM ALL.”  In the end, I paid just under 75¢ per figure.  More than I would normally pay, but maybe not for vintage figures.

140 figures at about $10 a piece equals roughly $1,400.00.

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Church Rummage Sale Part 1: “Barbie Trading Card Album, Sega Hello Kitty & Hallmark Twirl Abouts”

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I know this doesn’t look like much, but wait until you get to Part 2 (140 vintage action figures).  I didn’t have room on the table so I had to give these little bits their own photo and post.  The Barbie Trading card album, 39 pages holding 8 cards each, 312 total card from 1990, all for $2.  I may just have to keep it, it’s that cool.

I grabbed the Rodney Reindeer, Pillsbury Dough Boy and what I thought might be a Steiff Lion right off.  I paid $1 for all three.

In Christmas I only found the Hallmark Twirl About Santa (the same one I found just the other weekend) and a Twirl About Angel, each for 50¢.  Also the Mary Engelbreit Santa and WWA 1981 Elf on a Candy Cane at 50¢ each as well.

On my second swing through I picked up the Sega Hello Kitty for $1, the Little Boys Room sign from 1971 for 50¢, the vintage Harmonica for a dollar, the Lisa Frank roll of cat stickers for 50¢ and the Fisher Price Car with figures for $1.

$8 spent on this round.  Potential $285 gain.

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