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More Stickers from the Deep Dark Inventory

My multiple recent sticker sales have prompted me to filter through my boxes of inventory and create more listings.  There are always buyers out there asking me, “Do you have this one?” or that one?  So I’ve been consolidating so that I can more easily find what people are looking for.  I can also offer those vintage or more hard-to-find stickers that our twelve-year-old selves remember so well.   Including Mrs. Grossman’s as always, plus some Sandylion and Hambly. I can always make up a custom order for reduced shipping and a discount. And free stickers are sent with large purchases. If there’s something you’ve been looking for – just ask!  So peruse away, I will continue to add even more in the future…. Etsy Stickers

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 9.45.08 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 9.34.05 AM
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For the Girls of the ’80’s Who Collected Stickers

How fortuitous that I would begin a draft of this post, only to go to a garage sale in the interim and wind up with everything shown above.  The funny thing is, it was the same garage sale I intended to write about at the end of this post, because I had returned to it later one particular day a few months ago, only to find a box of those HUGE Lisa Frank stickers, the kind a young girl only dreams of affording, and the seller decided she didn’t want to sell them.  The disappointment still hurts.  (I’m totally, sorta, kidding.)  So to return once again and be rewarded with all of the above, is, somehow, fortunately fitting.

I had the initial thought to write this post, but never did I think it would evoke the feelings, the emotions in me that it has. (Which were evoked again after going to that garage sale and finding those boxes and that sticker book as if I’d found the Holy Grail.)  It’s like I’ve tapped into a great passion that I’ve forgotten about.  The sheer giddiness and recognition that comes over me when I see some of the stickers of my youth that I haven’t seen in so many years, it’s more than a blast from the past.  It’s like seeing an old friend.  Or a window into your childhood you thought was locked forever.  Or I just really wanted every sticker on the planet so badly that some of that immense desire is still left somewhere in my brain, my heart, my soul.

Okay, I know I’m sounding completely ridiculous, but if you ever collected stickers, try checking out some of these sites and see if you, too, don’t mist up a bit nostalgic about the lost simplicity of your youth.  Okay, I’m doing it again.

I had to catch my breath with this one.  I’m seriously thinking of placing an order.  Why, I have no idea:

You knew there had to be a site like this: I think you can actually join a club and they will send you stickers of the month!  I kept looking for a date, like this site was way back from twenty years ago, but, no, the copyright at the bottom actually says “2010!”  I would have LOVED a sticker club when I was collecting.  Not sure I could have afforded $10 a month, but I’m hoping you have to account for inflation.

This site is way back from 2006, BUT she’s got every page of her entire sticker album photographed.  Almost makes me think I should photograph mine… (don’t worry):

This one is actually more for the guys, believe it or not.  He’s got A-Team & Knightrider stickers, as well as Smurfs:’s%20Stickers

How about a flashback of Scratch ‘n Sniff: And this particular guy even has them categorized by maker: And yet another person:

This one’s for my husband, though I, too, think it’s pretty cool:

Here’s an on-going discussion on a message board about sticker collections that started in 2007 and continues today that took me back and aback at the same time:

I even found a Seller on eBay who seems to be selling all of my, uh, his or her old stickers, including Hallmarks, Sandy Lion’s, Mrs. Grossman’s and Hambly Studios: I may have found a whole ‘nother load of my own inventory I can toss onto eBay!  What I feel I can part with anyway.

So what did I collect?  Pretty much everything, I think.  Hello Kitty, Mrs. Grossman’s, Lisa Frank, Sandy Lion, Hambly Studios, Hallmark, Toots, Lucy Rigg, etc.  It began, when I was a young girl, going to a store called, “Puckihuddle” (oh, I loved that store) and evolved when a new store opened, “Sticker Haven.”  Until today when I still buy stickers when I see them in garage sales.  Luckily, more often than not, I can find rolls of stickers from people who either work at the local Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory or have gone to their warehouse sales and have bought a bit more than they needed.  Kinda like me.

I still have my sticker collections (both my Teddy Bears Only and Compilation Albums) and three drawers full of loose stickers, sticker packs, rolls of stickers, and sticker catalogs.  You’d think I’d be driving to Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory (which isn’t very far from where I live) any chance I get.  And don’t think I haven’t thought about applying for a job there.

In searching for the companies that made these vintage stickers, I find that some are no longer with us or have gone on to other things.  Lisa Frank still does stickers, but not in the volume she used to.  Sandylion was sold to some company called Trend.  Hambly Studios now primarily does scrap-booking and screen-printing. But Mrs. Grossman’s is still going strong, thank goodness.

In the meantime, we can still hope to come upon the lost city of Sticker Hoarders while cruising and perusing the garage sale circuit.  Carry on, my fellow collectors, carry on.

For those of you in the area:



For the very first time we are having this five-day sale in our store! Everything will be 20% off including all sale merchandise! This is going to be one bargain bonanza!

Dates: November 15 – 19

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Place: Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory

3810 Cypress Drive

Petaluma, CA 94954


All credit cards, cash and checks accepted

Free parking in company parking lot

All sale items are top quality, discontinued or overstock and are priced between 30% and 80% off wholesale. Rolls of stickers, regularly $25 to $40 – are $3.00!!! Plus 20% discount! Way below cost! We’ve got ribbons, handmade paper albums, paper dolls, games and more!

· Packaged Giant Stickers – Regular price $2.85 – $4.60 / Sale price $.50

· Rolls of Stickers – Regular price $25 – $50 / Sale price $3.00

· Packaged sticker strips – Regular price $2.20 – $2.60 / Sale price $.25

· Bingo to Go, Lunch Box Notes and Stickerific Activity Kits – Regular price $3.00 to $10.00 / Sale price $.75 to $2.00

· Sara on Stage and Pirate Adventure Paper Doll Activity Kits – Regular price $6.00/Sale price $2.00

For directions go to – click – Tour the Factory


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