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Latest Thrift Store Trip: Part 2: “21 Pairs of Jeans”



Last I posted, I was on Part 1 of the Latest Thrift Store Trip.  Now for Part 2, we have the denim portion of the second post. My cart gradually piled high with pair after pair. I picked the best brands and some not so best brands, but those that were long and/or skinny, basically those which I thought would sell.  Brands included 7 for all mankind (finding three Dojo styles that always sell, one of which had an offer the day I listed it), Citizens of Humanity (including Boho, Margo, Kelly and Ingrid styles), Hudson (including a Reilly), Levi’s (including a Bold Curve Skinny and a 515), Fox Racing Hesher Skinny, Joe’s Jeans Provocateur, Lucky Brand Classic Rider, Gap Perfect Boot New With Tag in a size 29 Long, and CAbi #222’s.  I managed to get most of them listed, but are waiting on the laundering of a few others.  I spent $54 on 21 pairs making my per jean cost approximately $2.50 each.  Potential gain around $1,000.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.05.22 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.05.31 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.05.39 PM


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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Two Great Sales”


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I’m sounding like a broken record, but at mid-November one has to expect that the garage sale season is dwindling.  To the point I almost didn’t head out.  But I had to drop my son at a baseball thing, so I thought, what the heck.  I’d try the few that were out there, even if, in my opinion, I was quite late both in time of day and in month of year.

There were two great sales. At the first, the ladies were super nice where I found the Russ Berrie Halloween Vampire with pins, small Christmas tin, Small Halloween Pumpkin with what seem like nesting doll contents, a bag of Bocce Balls (in case I’m ever out and happen to need to play at a local Bocce Ball court), a portable tupperware cake container for a buck, an awesome vintage camera suitcase for $5, some photo Christmas cards that you can’t find anymore, a pack of pocket tissues for 50¢, a vintage 1956 Clue game, vintage 1984 Candy Land game, vintage 1987 Guess Who? game, and three Hot Wheels cars that were thrown in. Total $13.

At the second, I spent $36 between three different sellers and bought the set of pitchers for $1, the three pairs of Banana Republic Suede Heels and one BCBG black patent leather heels, the Lucky Brand Classic Rider jeans, the infinity scarf, the mint green Italian Suede clutch, the Nine West new with tag tote, the red patent leather ribbon bag, the Poliwoggs Santa Mickey, the two Kirkland Santas with girl and with boy, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Snowglobe that has an original tag of $98 and looks never removed from box, the Italian box, and the Starbucks Demitasse cup. Whew.

So a very nice haul for an otherwise expectedly unproductive weekend. $49 total spent and potential $950 gain.

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-11-31-58-am screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-11-32-03-am

Find My Finds: Amazon ~ Etsy ~ Bonanza ~ Ecrater ~ PoshmarkMissBargainHuntressShop


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