Poshmark Online Has A New Look

January 23

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It is now easier than ever to shop from your computer on Poshmark.  Though you still have to purchase through the app on your smartphone, perusing the entire website is actually more easily accomplished from a desktop/laptop/iPad in my opinion.  You get a full screen where you can choose your Type, Category, Brand, Size, Color, Price Range, Condition and Availability all on one page.  You will also see more results on one larger screen than the few you see as you scroll along on your phone. In order to shop with the phone app, you have to scroll through the toolbar and drop-down menus and everything is a bit compact and harder to navigate. And once you click on an item in your full screen, you will have all the information and photos of the piece right in front of you in a clear and concise format. My advice is to do your shopping from your larger screen and then head to your smartphone to purchase. (Hopefully one day we will also be able to purchase from our computer.) So try Poshmark again and see if it isn’t a more pleasurable shopping experience.  And if you want to sign up and get $5 off, use my code: BCNTM


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