Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Tory Burch Heels, Le Creuset Baking Dish & A Stack of Comic Books”

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I know I said before that it seemed that the season was dwindling down, thus the lack of posts on my part.  But this weekend was a huge exception.  I could have been out all morning if not all day. There was a huge neighborhood sale, but I chose to start at all of the little guys along the way, hoping that everyone would be at the neighborhood sales and miss out on the good stuff at the 20 other sales in town.  But that actually meant that I would miss out on all of the stuff at the neighborhood sales – but we’ll just pretend they didn’t really have much to begin with, right?

At my first stop I found nothing.  At my second I picked up some nice hangers, a bag of stickers and a little box of little books.  And at the next I picked up the two boxes of glasses, one full of Garfield and various other Christmas glasses and the other full of Flintstones and Batman, both for $12.


Moving on, I lucked upon one of the regulars having a sale where I loaded up three bags full.  I bought an entire lot of Madame Alexander Figurines at a dollar a piece, Free People Shorts, Tory Burch Green Heels, Emporio Armani Boots, Naot Mary Janes, L.K. Bennett Sneakers, Laura Bellariva Loafers, a Hobo International Pink Clutch, Fossil Key-Per, Banana Republic Hobo, Le Creuset pan, Polish Boleslawiec Pottery bowl and covered jar, Halloween Raggedy Ann and Andy, Ed Grimley Talking Doll, Brighton and Kate Spade Sunglasses, Japanese Asuna figure, Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz figure, Autumn Fairy Figurine, Goebel Mary bust, and possibly more stuff that I can’t even remember… $70 spent.

Down the street I picked up some more stickers and some Reindeer place card holders all for $7.  Then regretting a long trip to the top of the hill, I found the stack of comic books for $2 and the Micro Machines Star Wars X Fighter and the pack of X-Men playing cards, both for $1.

Moving on to another sale way down a long road, I was going to see what she had advertised in Coach bags. The one there had a zipper issue, but I did pick up the super cute black leather floral bag which I almost want to keep, for $5.

It was finally time to attempt the massive neighborhood sale and I started by picking up a map at one of the corner kiosks.  The list had 28 sales and so I began.  But because I was late, I wasn’t finding much.  At one I came across the Rubber Cookie Monster and the plastic Pinocchio, both for $1.  At another I found the beer stein for $5 and the Lladro girl for $15.  One final one, I picked up the Alice in Wonderland White Rabbits, the Dakin Rabbit with a Pink Heart and two Holt Howard Christmas Angels from 1961.  The lady misheard and only charged me $1.50 for all.

A long morning, I spent $119.50, quite a bit.  Potential gain: $2,100.00.

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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Shiny Brite Mother Lode, Anthropologie Necklace, Helly Hanson & North Face Jackets”

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The season appears to be dwindling down as kids are back to school and we all look upon the impending autumn with a sense of sadness.  Well, maybe that’s just me.  Though I may be back to the thrift store route sooner than later.  This weekend only held a handful of sales.  The first was a “block” sale of all of three sales. Which would have been disappointing except that it was at two of those three sales where I bought everything but the Anthropologie necklace.

At the first I found the Manas Shoes, the laptop bag, the Madame Alexander doll, The Sak black leather purse, the Steve Madden Wallet, the white Fossil Crossbody pouch, the blue North Face quilted jacket, the Helly Hanson black jacket, the Spirit of 1776 engine and the vintage tin tray table.  Grand total: $15.


And I circled back around to see what I had missed and luckily walked all the way to the back of the driveway to fine the massive box of vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments.  $10 for the whole box.

And stopping at the next sale a bit early, they tried to shoo me away, but let me look anyway.  They had owned what must have been a pretty fancy store considering the leftover inventory they were selling with prices to match.  I only picked up the Anthropologie necklace that I thought was pretty, even for $5.

So I was done quite early.  Good enough, I had to go back home and deal with some impending autumn cleaning.  $30 spent.  Potential $825 gain.

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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Coach Shoes & Bags, Frye Boots & Nanoblocks”

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At my first stop I picked up the Coach Addisyn Signature Wooden Sandals, the silver Tignanello Perfect 10 Satchel, The Junior Drake Black Leather Bag, the DKNY Kisslock and the tiny tan Tignanello Crossbody all for $12.  Next door I picked up the Odille Black lace skirt, the lace top, the Frye Cowboy Boots and the Sofft Brown Mary Janes all for $10.

Hitting a block sale of all of 3 houses, I found the large Vera Bradley Indigo Pop Blue Duffel Bag for $2.

Heading across town, a friend was unexpectedly having a sale, and I picked up a bag of Mighty Beanz and some Lego and Nanoblock sets for a buck each. (Who knew Nanoblocks were so expensive?)  A neighbor decided to join in and I grabbed a Coach Hamptons Tan Satchel for $5.

Even further across town I found a small Coach Poppy Pink Purse for $3.

At one last sale I picked up the Vera Bradley Safari Sunset Cosmetic case new with tag for 50¢ and a new, shrink-wrapped Rummikub game for $2.

That was all for the day.  $34.50 spent.  Potential $800 gain.

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Church Rummage Sale Part 2: “One Hundred Forty Action Figures”

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There were bags and bags of these things.  But they were scattered about in different bins.  And I was battling some other lady to find the best bags.  And then as I walked around I saw a couple of young guys at various times with their bags of action figures.  And I started to feel a pang of regret that I didn’t search for more or wasn’t there early enough.  And then I came around the back door and saw a huge bin full of them.  I just started piling them up on my personal bag.  I thought to myself it would have to be worth it.  I was able to identify several as vintage and as ones that I had sold before.  None looked particularly new even though with the lighting I was hard-pressed to see the dates on the insides of the legs or the bottoms of the feet.  My gut was just telling me “BUY THEM ALL.”  In the end, I paid just under 75¢ per figure.  More than I would normally pay, but maybe not for vintage figures.

140 figures at about $10 a piece equals roughly $1,400.00.

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Church Rummage Sale Part 1: “Barbie Trading Card Album, Sega Hello Kitty & Hallmark Twirl Abouts”

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I know this doesn’t look like much, but wait until you get to Part 2 (140 vintage action figures).  I didn’t have room on the table so I had to give these little bits their own photo and post.  The Barbie Trading card album, 39 pages holding 8 cards each, 312 total card from 1990, all for $2.  I may just have to keep it, it’s that cool.

I grabbed the Rodney Reindeer, Pillsbury Dough Boy and what I thought might be a Steiff Lion right off.  I paid $1 for all three.

In Christmas I only found the Hallmark Twirl About Santa (the same one I found just the other weekend) and a Twirl About Angel, each for 50¢.  Also the Mary Engelbreit Santa and WWA 1981 Elf on a Candy Cane at 50¢ each as well.

On my second swing through I picked up the Sega Hello Kitty for $1, the Little Boys Room sign from 1971 for 50¢, the vintage Harmonica for a dollar, the Lisa Frank roll of cat stickers for 50¢ and the Fisher Price Car with figures for $1.

$8 spent on this round.  Potential $285 gain.

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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Lenox Mickey Ears, The Year Without A Santa Claus & Pop Rocks Beatles Yellow Submarine”

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A slow beginning to the day, driving by the first two because one wasn’t open and one was a repeat sale.  Then the first at which I stopped had absolutely ridiculous prices, but two different white dogs that wanted to jump in my car.  Finally purchasing the stack of vintage wooden puzzles at the next, $10 for 7, but the guy, or whoever put the masking tape on them, didn’t realize that they were ruining a few of them.  One had paper graphics that came up with the tape, one’s paint came up with the tape, but that same one also had a tiny missing piece I didn’t realize before.  So I was left with five.

One sale from seeing a sign had a lot of kids arguing with their dad about their exorbitant Nintendo DS pricing and I scurried away as the discussion continued.  The next was a repeat sale with different stuff. This was the “tool sale” for an estate that held some great things including Hummels, months before.  I picked up the Christmas tree covered in vintage ornaments for a dollar.  My husband scored the score of the year on a chipper shredder for $20.

At the next, I was expecting to score some shoes and clothing, but because of their pricing, I only wound up with “The Year Without A Santa Claus” playset, new in box, for $5.

Another dud in between, I found a Lenox Christmas Salt & Pepper, two Lenox Mickey Hat ornaments and a vintage Furbee, all for $10 around the corner.

Moving on to another repeat sale, where the lady told me $2 on the Mary Jane Dansko’s and $3 on the Sorels, so I started piling shoes into a box.  I also bought the Basket Hamper for my son’s room.  Down the street I picked up the Brighton clutch for $3.

I almost killed myself, well, twisted my ankle, in a well-disguised hole in the lawn of the next sale.  Fortunately, everyone saw and I got a great deal of $5 on the Pop! Rock Beatles Yellow Submarine set, Giants mug, Vacation and Chupacabra ornaments, Star Wars Mighty Beans and some swim shorts for my son.

At the next block I picked up a Coach Frame KeyChain for $2.

Attempting the outskirts of town, stuff was only found at sales not on the list.  At the first, I picked up the Calico Critters Country School with figures and furniture for $4.  Next I piled up clothing and bags including two Coach purses, a Kate Spade, a black Chloe, and then a pile of clothing that missed the initial photo. They included a lovely long J. Jill cardigan, black quilted Coach Jacket, a few pieces of horse riding clothing new with price tags over $200, etc. I paid $32 for all.

One last stop at one not on my list and I picked up the Jeremy Fisher for a dollar.

$93 spent.  Potential $1,475.00 gain.

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Christmas on a Friday in July

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I was up a bit late for this repeat sale from the weekend before, but no matter, no one had spotted the huge storage bin of ornaments and asked their price. $1 each.  Woohoo!  I picked out every Hallmark and Enesco ornament, all of which were vintage (20 years or older).  Plus the Ernest Balancing Bear from Schylling.  $19 for the whole lot.  Potential gain of $300 in one stop on a Friday.


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Disneyland & California Disney Pros & Cons 2017

Years ago I published many a post on the finer points of Disney World, and I have to say, in reading them back, I was quite the little writer back then.  I really need to get some of that old mojo back:

Disney World Recap #1: The Sheriff, Pluto, Tom and Kermit

Disney World Recap #2: The Not So Joyous Journey Home

Disney World Recap #3: Best Tips Including Pin Trading, Fast Passes & Meeting Characters

Disney World Recap #4: Theme Parks One By One

Disney World Recap #5: Disney Dining Tips Including The Disney Dining Plan

Disney World Recap #6: Dining By The Restaurant


Last week, my family had the pleasure to visit Disneyland and California Disney for one evening and then one full day.  On the first evening we hit Disneyland to catch some rides in the later hours with the shortest lines, as well as the Electric Light Parade and some Fantasmic action.  The second day we arrived upon the opening, started at California Disney and then bounced back and forth between parks until the wee hours of the night.  I don’t believe my family has been to the parks in many years, having to refer to photographs to remember when the last time was.  Many things have changed and many things have not, but I thought it well worthwhile to give you the Pros and Cons we recognized during this brief but busy trip.

Disneyland Cons:

Trash Pick-Up: While in my past visits I was amazed at the constant clean-up by the white-clad crew buzzing about with their brooms and dustpans, I think I only saw one this entire experience.  There was trash in the corners of wait lines for rides, specifically Pirates of the Caribbean.

Late Night Herding: Returning from California Disney as it closed at 10:00 with the hopes of hitting a few more rides until Disneyland’s closure at midnight, almost everyone else was doing the same thing. So they had cast members stationed with their glow lights herding everyone like sheep or cattle, you choose, all in the one designated narrow direction.  If you have claustrophobia, do not get stuck in this.  It was demeaning, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Fast Pass for Night Shows: If you do not have a Fast Pass for the evening shows, cast members with glow lights will actually physically push you along so that you cannot watch the shows outside of the roped area. You could almost file a lawsuit for battery.  I paid almost a thousand dollars for my family to be at the park and I’m not allowed to watch a show from the walkway?

Surveys: I was approached by a nice gentleman cast member and was asked to do a survey about my dining experiences in Disneyland.  I said no problem and gave him my email address.  However, he failed to tell me that I had a time limit in which to take the survey which was all of 2 days.  When I went to the survey, it said the time limit had passed.

Disneyland Pros:

Dining at Blue Bayou:  We were able to sneak in a table without a reservation (which is usually recommended a month in advance according to the maitre d’), and had an amazing meal.  Our server was fantastic and he surprised me by refilling our glasses of mint juleps, lemonades, etc. from identical silver water pitchers.  I jumped, afraid he was refilling my mint julep glass with water, but this was not his first rodeo.  Of course it was a pitcher of mint juleps, denoted by the glowing green cube inside the pitcher.  Experiencing deja vu, I’m pretty sure the same thing happened to me on my last visit and I felt like an idiot. Regardless, I had one of the better Rib Eye Steaks I’ve had in a long time.  My son loved his salmon, my daughter her salad and Portobello Mushroom, and my husband loved the shrimp.

Soarin’ Over the World:  This used to be California Soarin’ and the update to Soarin’ Over the World is a positive change.

Jungle Cruise:  That ride still has it.  I don’t know if they ever change the jokes, but my teenage son was cracking up.  Always well worth the trip.

Indiana Jones:  Still the best ride I think the ride creators have come up with.  It is on such a grand scale that little compares.  I like it over every ride, and if I had gone to Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m pretty sure it would still be the best when you consider innovation, creativity, imagination, etc.

California Disney Cons:

Dining at Carthay Circle:  While the Lounge is delightful where Bobbie the Bartender will listen to all of your problems, the meal in the fancy dining room upstairs was less than stellar.  We were told that the wings and the biscuits were two of the top ten food items in the park.  I highly disagree.  They were both overly spicy and not particularly tasty.  I ordered the ravioli and joked with my son that I would probably only receive six on the plate. In actuality, I only received four.  Pathetic for the $30 price tag.

Californian Hotel Lobby:  We went to check out this mammoth Craftsman style hotel to see what it was all about and enjoy a bit of air conditioning.  Finding a spot to sit in the lobby, I noticed the cushions on most of the chairs were flattened, faded and some near threadbare.  What was worse, the one in which I personally sat, had a distinctive odor that was so off-putting I had to get up and move.  I won’t tell you what it smelled like.  And they were doing construction which made the entire lobby unpleasant, even though there was a pianist playing over the table saws.

World of Color:  This is an evening light show for which you’ll need a Fast Pass to view.  And Carthay Circle was even trying to pass off a prixe fixe menu with which you received “exceptional” reserved seats for the show. (We passed on that menu, though spent plenty of money there anyway.)  I wasn’t impressed by the show. Every show, okay well maybe just also Fantasmic, is all about spewing smoke and water into the air and then projecting images upon them in the dark.  Sure there are some different colored lights, maybe some bursts of fire, maybe a firework or two, but it just didn’t float my boat.

California Disney Pros:

Singles Line at the Cars Ride:  Whatever the ride is called…Radiator Springs Racers, I wasn’t too excited about waiting in a 60 minute line because we couldn’t get the Fast Passes working properly.  Then my husband discovered the ride had a Singles Line.  We raced all the way up to the front and got on immediately, though obviously in different cars of 6.  The ride is pretty good, my husband loved it so much that we went on again right after the first time, getting right up to the front once again. There are several other rides in both parks that have singles lines, but the later it gets in the day, the more people figure it out, and by the time we arrived at the Indiana Jones ride we were told that the Singles Line was as long as the regular line.

Mariachi Divas:  They play every hour on the hour in the middle of Pacific Wharf near the middle of the day. Quite possibly my favorite part of the entire day’s experience is a margarita from Rita’s Baja Blenders and listening to those ladies.

Grizzly Rapids:  This is the river rafting ride with the round rafts.  If you’re hot, hit this one.  They even have a single rider line (but you have to get a pass from the cast member at the front), so if you need a quick splash, this is your go-to.  It’s most fun to ride with your companions, but even if you do the Single Rider, you meet some very nice people.  You can tell them to put their feet up on the little ledge below the seats so their shoes don’t get soaked and they’ll love you forever.

Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disney Hotel Cons:

This is just a tiny little place but there were four or five bartenders working.  I sat down while my husband used the facilities and expected at least a greeting within the first few minutes.  Nothing.  Not even a look.  I think maybe they were all suffering from the extreme heat and humidity in the place as one of the servers continually asked if she could keep a door open and they had to tell her that wasn’t allowed because of the incoming flies. Probably ten minutes went by and still nothing.  I started making comments much to my husband’s chagrin, and still nothing.  Extremely poor service. We attempted to then move outside, but there were no tables in the shade.  So we left and went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.


If you pay an extra $10 (because you haven’t spent enough already) you can add the MaxPass to your smartphone’s Disneyland App.  This is supposed to allow you to be able to schedule FastPasses on your phone for your family after scanning in your tickets and creating an account.  If it worked properly, my children should have been able to schedule FastPasses during an hour window while us parents should have been able to schedule different FastPasses during the same time because we had different tickets.  However, instead, if any one of us had a FastPass for a certain hour, no one else could make a FastPass during that time.  We consulted Guest Services and they said, “there have been some glitches.”


Call around.  Disney quoted me over $1,400.00 for two nights at the Californian, the ONLY room left available. I called ten other hotels in the area and was quoted from $400-$600+ per night. Finally, I called the Red Lion Hotel, about a 15-20 minute walk from the entrance and was quoted a $200-$260 price.  We were able to get a suite with two rooms, kitchenette, sofabed and rollaway.  Realize that if you’re going to Disney, you will likely only spend time in your room to sleep and get ready, so the more you save there, the more you don’t feel so bad about how much you’re spending at the parks.

All in all, it was an excellent 20 hours total spent at the parks.  We felt we did almost all we could do.  My kids are self-sufficient teenagers and I worried that they would be bored.  Instead they went off on their own and had a great time.  Which left their parents to have a great time on their own, as well.  It was a great release for the whole family and memories made for a lifetime.


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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “New Coach Clutch, Moorcroft Pottery & More Bags, Bags, Bags”

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I was on vacation the week before so I missed out on the prior weekend and was eager to get back to the treasure hunt after a limited night’s sleep.  I revved up my engine with a cup of hot coffee in my travel mug and took off to start my well-mapped-out route.  The first was a repeat sale where I had previously purchased two cuckoo clocks, but they had nothing left or new in which I was interested.  At the next I paid up $2 for vintage Barbie Christmas cards.  Finally, at the third, I picked up the 1992 Clue game and some festive paper garlands, all for a dollar.  Moving on, I found the vintage He Man Two Bad Action figure for 50¢.

It was a half hour to the next sale’s start time, but I was eager to get there because of the pictures in the listing. Luckily, they were open, and there I saw the wall of bags, $3 each, and I started loading up one arm, eight total. Then I found the Moorcroft Pottery covered bowl that I just knew had to be worth something, for $2.  And finally the pretty green pitcher that I will be keeping for $3. The deal was made at $20 for all.

A few blocks away I found the vintage yellow duck Waechtersbach mugs, the vintage Japanese shoes and the two vintage Fisher Price playsets, castle and garage, $4 for all.

In the same neighborhood I found the vintage Vanity Jars set for $1, the “Robin Finds Christmas” book from 1969, and three bags of vintage fabric, embroidered ribbons, baby buttons and a little baby bonnet – if anyone can tell me the potential origin it would be much appreciated.  All for $10.

One last one in the area where I would have purchased shoes, but the older lady with a thick Russian accent only said, “I don’t know!” in a very angry voice when I asked her prices.

Time to move to the middle of town where I majorly scored.  Seeing a purse on the ground, I opened it up to find a Coach Signature Stud Clutch with tag at $268, dust bag and paperwork.  I asked the nice lady in the modest house and she said, “$2.”  Major score.  And across the street I picked up the black Fossil Satchel for a buck.

A few more duds and I was up over the hill for another dud and then making a U-turn to hit one I missed.  There I picked up a vintage Beatrix Potter Christmas ornament and swatch of fabric, both for 60¢.

At the next I met a lovely German woman whose father was there in town from Germany and spoke no English. I picked up three German sweaters she said two of which were hand-knit by the old ladies in Germany who get together and kaffee klatsch while knitting, the other a Giesswein.  She said $5 each, I asked $10 for three, she said $12, and I handed her the money and said, “Dankeschön.”

Two last sales over the freeway where at both I found stickers.  At the first a bunch of large sheets I asked for half price at $5 for all.  And the last, a box of remnants, though some good finds, $2 for the box.

That was the day.  An even $60 spent. Potential $800 gain.

Find My Finds: Amazon ~ Etsy ~ Bonanza ~ Ecrater ~ Poshmark



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Garage Sale Weekend Recap: “Bags, Bags & More Bags”

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After the drought of last weekend as it was a holiday, I was eager to get out there and see what there was to be seen. Well… there wasn’t much.  And, as seems usual these days, I picked the wrong place to start.  Though, all the regulars were at that same starting point, so I didn’t feel quite so bad.  Nevertheless, my next to last stop, a community sale, was the best.  I left it for last because for the past few years, there had been next to nothing to be had. But this year was slightly better.  Not great, but better.

Back to the beginning, I started at a block sale with extremely high prices and left with nothing.  Bouncing around in a well-organized fashion, I first purchased 6 bags/purses at a sale, $5 for each large, $2 for the one small.  Funnily (not a word but I like it) enough, the one small bag I got was the light blue Coach and I had that thrown in to pay $25 for the six.  Included were 3 Tignanello’s and 2 B. Makowsky’s.

Sale after sale, prices were too high, the weather’s temperature was too high, and I finally arrived at the community sale.  Initially I found the Tom Clark Gnome sculpture, the Little Puppy book, another Coach bag and the German Easter Egg, all at about $10.

And then I found one of my regulars selling in another nondescript location.  By this time I was hot and exhausted, it was later, and a lot of the great stuff had probably already been sold.  But I made up a pile including See by Chloe suede boots, J. Crew leopard flats, a Native American Indian Girl head vase, a Free People crochet top and leather pouch, a Chala wristlet, a vintage Coach wristlet, two Kangol berets and a Hobo International Basket Woven bag, all for $20.

Not the greatest haul.  $55 spent.  Potential $650 gain.

Find My Finds: Amazon ~ Etsy ~ Bonanza ~ Ecrater ~ Poshmark


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